Barbara (Stafford) McCluskey
Barb is a maritime transplant, but we couldn’t be happier to have her east coast candor in our prairie gallery. We may have expected boats and fishing villages, but Barb’s work transcends location and transports us to the wild and natural spaces of our imagination.

Unspoiled by man and steeped in mood, movement, and majesty, Barb’s work is a sensory experience that invites us to see, hear, and smell the ambiance of her images. She is unencumbered by specific location and composition. A traditionalist in oils, Barb’s process of preparing her canvas and palette helps resolve problems and distill or reorder design elements. With colours and tools in hand Barb quickly lays down her emotional and intuitive response. We are welcomed into her meditative and private world.

Trained in commercial art and a self taught painter, Barb is now in the enviable position to devote her full attention to art.

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