Sarah Welsh Johnston
Sarah’s signature work is a celebration and exploration of the feminine form in all it’s shapes, sizes, and moods. Her style is a stand alone complement to Pulse Gallery. With a rhythmic sweep of gestural lines she lays out a simple foundation over which layers of colour, textures, and mediums create graceful dimension. With the eye of a designer and a flare for fashion, Sarah transports her subjects from strength to vulnerability to sensuality, always reserving an underlying mystique to hold our attention and evoke a story. We often feel as though we are capturing a glimpse of Sarah herself.

Sarah’s costume series ushers us to gentler times when elegance was mainstream and poise was mandatory. She has found no limit to this classic theme. In contrast, her industrial, spartan frames bring a strong contemporary presentation to her art.

Sarah holds a Fine Arts degree from the University of Manitoba. Her work is held in both public and private collections.

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