Ninon Wakeland

HORIZON LINES                                                               JUNE 1-30, 2018

Since childhood, I've searched for my own language and expression.  I grew up in the wilds of northern Manitoba, on a lake.  I now find myself living on Lake Winnipeg and experiencing this amazing lake in all her glory and intimacy.  I cannot help but try to capture her moods, because they mirror mine.

Colour, it's fluidity and depth, are the focus of my watercolour and mixed media paintings. 

"Painting is just another way of keeping a diary"
                                                          Pablo Picasso
I am delighted to share with you my colour journal entitled
"Horizon Lines".

Join us for an evening of celebration Wednesday, June 6th 7pm-9p.m.

7pm to 9pm​​

June 6

Forks Market Historic Site
Johnston Terminal Main floor
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada